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Parent Education Consultant

RWI works with teachers and parents, providing consultation regarding an appropriate game plan for your child’s educational path.  The information provided to parents can prevent children from developing serious academic problems. RWI’s services raise a student to his/her true academic potential.  

RWI will consult with parents both individually.  RWI will identify data and background information, to ask appropriate questions that encourage teamwork between school and parents; justifying differentiated instruction at school, to meet the specific needs of your child.  

RWI is able to support parents at conferences,  school-based committees and individual teacher meetings.  In preparation, RWI will gather information, assess/evaluate, goal set and find solutions on a timeline that works for both teacher and student success. 

Individual consultation can effectively address problems such as below / low grade level reading, comprehension issues and decoding lags. The goal for consultation is assisting  parents in developing new strategies for interacting with school staff, as well as, strategies for interacting with your child academically at home.

Parents need to support and challenge their children to develop and excel.  RWI consultation guides and assists parents, as team members, working with school staff to achieve the best academic outcome for your child.

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