RWI offers tutoring services with andrew liebergen to assist students to read, write, comprehend and perform study word analysis.

RWI helps your child improve his/her literacy “tools”: print awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, writing and text comprehension.

The acts of reading and writing are reciprocal, and the “writing knowledge serves as a resource of information that can help the reader. “ Students keep a journal where they work on a variety of writing genres, conduct word work, log vocabulary examples, record comprehension strategies and keep inferences made during reading.

The positive response from students and parents reinforce our belief that the quality literacy habits students develop while participating in RWI tutoring carry over into their home and school literacy activities.

Students with Learning Challenges

Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADD, a processing problem or a reading disability, we can help him or her develop the strategies to achieve his or her potential and much more. It is possible to acquire the skills necessary to work around a disability, so students are able to master the material with the same confidence as their peers.

We will provide explicit, systematic instruction in:

  • Study Skills
  • Print awareness
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Writing Proficiency and Essay
  • Text comprehension
  • Cross content reading
  • Getting ready for the first day of school
  • Transitioning to Middle School

Face-to-Face Tutoring via Video conferencing

With online tutoring we are able to carefully analyze your goals, learning style and timelines to take your literacy instruction to the next level.

No matter what the age, an intervention literacy program can drastically improve the reading and writing abilities of your child.

Through RWI Collaborate Online Tutoring, we are able to offer literacy instruction anywhere. This service is simple to use and easy to schedule.

With RWI Collaborate, students receive individualized guidance from a highly qualified tutor. Online sessions can be used as a supplement to your child’s in-home tutoring sessions or as the main method of instruction. Using the online system, students and tutors interact (in real time) through a user-friendly virtual video conferencing platform, where they can upload, share, and edit documents.

Getting set up is a snap! All you need are a computer, a webcam, and a high-speed internet connection. RWI Connect may be right for you if:

  • Your student needs spontaneous or ad-hoc assistance from the tutor
  • Due to proximity or a disability the student is unable to meet with a tutor
  • Your student would benefit from supplemental instruction and/or follow up beyond the in-person session

Middle School / Junior High Students receive a customized curriculum to ensure success

Expectations for academic achievement change in Middle School and Junior High. We often see students encountering difficulties because they are unable to approach assignments in a functional way, known as Executive Functioning.
Executive functioning is used to perform activities such as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details, and managing time and space. If a student struggles in any of these areas, regardless of intelligence, grades can plummet, along with confidence.

Recognizing the importance of executive functioning, our instructors are selected for their expertise in study strategies, organization, and innovative approaches to learning.

Our program embodies three core components—Vocabulary, Comprehension and Writing—as well as other cross content instruction in science and social studies. RWI customizes the student’s curriculum based on homework, current class projects, and exams. We look at informal and formal assessments, such as MAP, when deciding the best course of instructional method. We cover a full range reading assessment followed by the same quality, targeted instruction.

Our Middle School and Junior High tutoring programs empower students and builds their self-esteem as they begin mastering higher level subjects and preparing for high school.

Elementary School Tutoring Program as Unique as your Child

RWI begins with a conversation. We want to hear from you, the parent, about what you feel are your child’s strengths and opportunities for growth. After learning about your child’s academic history, we will develop the appropriate program based on the student’s needs.

As a parent, it’s difficult to see your child struggling in school. Perhaps he has trouble with a particular subject or you notice that her grades have dropped after entering a new school year. You want your child to succeed in school and for him or her to be a confident learner

Your expert literacy specialist will prescribe the appropriate skills development program. The tutor can also integrate your child’s daily homework into the tutoring sessions with appropriate, so that you child is mastering skills (filling in the literacy holes) while earning better grades in school!

Assurance! Whether your child needs to catch up, needs a different type of instruction, or needs to be enriched beyond what the school is doing, our tutoring program and the literacy expert will surpass your expectations.